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Our Services

We offer one-on-one Physical Therapy, Personal Training, Yoga, Massage, & Run Coaching by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

We deliver services directly to your home or can see you in downtown Boston before work, during the day, or after work.

Upcoming Events

Want to Run a Road Race but NEVER have? 

Train with us to run your first Road Race. We will teach you race strategy, increase your speed & endurance, and get you across the finish line.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why should I hire your Company?

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT's) work one-on-one with you in your home for the entire session. You do not have to share the PT with other clients at the same time. We do not have PT Assistants (PTA's), PT Aides, or PT students. You will always be with the same DPT which ensures excellent continuity of care. 

We bring an intimate knowledge of health & fitness to our treatment style, with 10 years of Physical Therapy & Personal Training experience. We stress the importance of educating clients on the most effective ways to take care of their body, so healing occurs quickly. 

2.) What will a typical session be like?
Our DPT's will evaluate the client's injury, current condition, & baseline fitness level. Then we will create a personalized treatment plan, exercise program, or fitness routine for each client.

3.) What type of patients do you work with? Just athletes?

We treat a wide variety of patients including adults, teenagers, kids, & elderly. We treat patients who are injured, need pre-operative therapy, & for post-operative rehab. 

We treat anyone that wants to create a healthier lifestyle. We work with many athletes however, you do NOT need to be an athlete to work with our professionals. We work with anyone who wants to bring health & wellness to their life.