Yoga & Pilates Classes

Yoga & Pilates

We have Weekly Classes each Sunday from 9-10 AM at $20/class.

Private Sessions: Working one-on-one with clients to deepen their Yoga or Pilates practice by breaking down each pose to increase their yogic knowledge. Based on their level of exercise, we will work with clients to increase strength, flexibility, and emotional awareness. Our knowledge of physical therapy and sports injuries allows us to specialize in working with clients with previous injuries that strive to learn yoga, return to their practice, or minimize the potential for injury.

We also offer Corporate Wellness Programs. These are Yoga & Pilates Classes at your workplace during the workday or after work. Ask your CEO or Manager if the company will hire us to come in for Yoga or Pilates class 1x/week. You can take a class with your co-workers to increase employee satisfaction, boost office morale, and create an enjoyable workplace.